Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birthdays, baking, and blogging

Sorry if you don't like alliteration - normally, I'm not the biggest fan, but I think it is ok in moderation.

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday. We've been married just over seven months and it's been wonderful. Dan declared birthdays are better when you're married - I have to wait until October to find out, I guess.

A chocolate cake is cooling on in the windowsill (yes, really), and I'm debating if I should add some of the caramel sauce I made last week to the filling. I'll leave that decision up to Dan.

I've had a hard time blogging here - I just think it seems so selfish sometimes. When I was living in Switzerland it just made sense - it was a great way to keep family and friends updated with my adventures, big & small, and thoughts on life as an expat. While it definitely was for me, it wasn't entirely for me - it was to keep a community connected while I was 5,000 miles away.

Is what I have to say/think really that important? I want this to be a diary of sorts, I suppose, reflections on marriage, family, life as I know it, and I think that's valuable in some capacity. On the other hand, I don't want to think too highly of my writing/ideas/creating/life.

There are thousands of bloggers who are wittier, better photographers, more creative, etc., than me, so why contribute to an over-crowded medium?

I don't really have an answer. I'm just sending this cosmic question into the void.*

I do think I will keep blogging though - maybe make it more of a "thing" (aka be more intentional & consistent).

Maybe I'll just go eat some caramel sauce by the spoonful. Seriously, it's so good.

*Melody, that You've Got Mail reference is for you.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring is coming

Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of turtledoves is heard in our land. (Song of Solomon 2:12).

Though it's still February in Minnesota, this has been a glorious week of sunshine and temperatures above freezing. Birds have resumed their birdsongs, and snow is melting - I saw grass, which I haven't seen since November.

I know it will get cold again; we will have more snow. In fact, today the temperature dipped back into the 20 degree territory (yesterday was a blissful 45 degrees). But despite the return of the chill in the air, it seems as if the earth has awakened, as if Demeter has remembered that Persephone ate only six seeds, and they will eventually be reunited. The earth will again thrive with color and life.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Welcome to my newest creative outlet. I'm sure if I label what this blog will be, it will turn into something completely different. Let's just see where we go.